1 Scaling of Tex

by owenuo

3 Light

by Valorian

4 Special letters in names

by Valorian

5 Map2MAp

by comacanabico

6 Problem with some tiles2

by comacanabico

7 Problem with unused tiles

by Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

8 Centred+ on Mac

by owenuo

9 Tiles not found

by Angelus

10 Weird issues with heights

by drakhgard

11 error Range check error.

by dramosith

14 cedserver.exe first run.

by Dead Bunny

15 Copy/Move area

by Dian

17 CenterED+ Odd Issue

by JBob

23 Filter window disappear

by sm.penta

24 Bad tiles names (0.7.7)

by xfolder